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"The role of every insurance agent at Kanopy Insurance is to provide the most knowledgeable, helpful and friendly advice so that when you buy a policy, you know exactly what you’re getting and have the peace of mind that you got the single best rate on the market."

Ryan McClintock | Co-Founder & CEO

Most People Hate Shopping for Insurance

A customer once told us that they would rather be stuck in traffic for a week straight than spend their time sifting through quotes and plans from multiple insurance companies. Yikes! Fortunately, we handled that process for them. Finding you the cheapest rates on insurance is ALL we do (and we LOVE what we do).

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Term Life Insurance

If you're considering buying life insurance to protect those you love but don't want to be locked into higher premiums or a lifelong commitment, term life insurance is an ideal option. With lower premiums, term length options and fixed payments and benefits, term life insurance presents an attractive combination of both security and cost effectiveness.

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Auto + Property Bundle

When it comes to reducing your insurance rates, few things have the potential to deliver more cost savings than bundling your policies. In most cases, the more you bundle, the more you can save. If you haven't considered bundling your auto and propoerty insurance policies yet, you may be overspending by tens or even hundreds of dollars.

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Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Medicare can provide significant financial relief for those eligible. But for those who have more frequent or potentially severe medical needs, the lack of out-of-pocket coverage by Original Medicare Part A and Part B presents a serious financial threat. Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans, also known as Medigap Plans, can help reduce the expenses not covered under Medicare.

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If you're looking for cheapest rates on vehicle, property, life or other insurance, let Kanopy Insurance research the market and present you with the lowest quotes from the top insurance companies.
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