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“Extremely professional. Very kind and patient, made sure I got the best prices that I could afford and made sure my entire experience went easy and fluent.”
Alexis Garzon, Customer since March 2021
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We’re always looking for ways to give back to the community. Interested in finding out more? Just contact us and we’ll review your non-profit or entity.

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“Most folks that shop for insurance have a hard time getting reliable, human and direct feedback. Kanopy Insurance was created to change that perception.”
“Kanopy Insurance communicates with you, the way you prefer to be reached. Whether that's text, email or calls — we're here to help you get the best coverage, and we'll reach you at your convenience.”
“Shopping for insurance should be like shopping with a trusted friend. That's what we're shooting for at Kanopy Insurance. We want you to enjoy our service that much. When you succeed, we succeed.”
"At Kanopy Insurance our advisors will provide smart and friendly advice so when you’re ready for coverage, you’ll be very confident since we’ve explained the benefits and accompanying rates.”
Ryan McClintock, President & Co-Founder