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Even though boat insurance premiums are low, the rates can still vary greatly between insurance companies. That's where we come in. Our partnerships with leading boat insurance companies allow us to gather and compare the lowest rates on the exact policy you need.


What is boat insurance?

Boat insurance is a type of vehicle and recreational insurance policy that can cover damage to your boat, motor, trailer, and personal effects in the boat. It's available for small boats, yachts, high performance powerboats, live-aboard houseboats, catamarans and even pontoons.

Typical coverage includes:

  • liability
  • medical payments
  • injury to a water skier
  • damage to the boat itself (sometimes called hull coverage)

Important note: Your boat or marine vessel is NOT covered under your homeowners insurance policy when it isn't on your home premises.

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How much is boat insurance?

The cost of boat and marine insurance varies by state and by many other factors, such as your location, history, the type of boat, etc - though rough annual estimates are often calculated using 1.5% of the market value of the boat or vessel.

Assuming all weighted factors are equal, the most influential factors that will determine the actual cost of your boat insurance will be:

  • Type of boat or vessel
  • The boat or vessel's size (usually length)
  • The intended use of the boat or vessel

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Do I need boat insurance?

In most states, you are not legally required to have boat insurance.

Even coastal states with heavy boat use, like Florida, California and New Jersey, do not require boat insurance in order to own or operate a boat.

However, most boat owners will still maintain at least liability boat insurance in order to mitigate risk.

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