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The next best thing to hiking the Pacific Crest Trail? Finding the best car insurance in California. The high price of auto insurance premiums has us California dreaming about getting the best, most affordable (you may call it cheapest) car insurance in the Golden State. That's why we're channeling our West Coast state-of-mind to find Californians the best car insurance. Kanopy Insurance compares insurance rates from top insurance companies across the state from Sacramento to San Diego to get you the best auto insurance.

So whether you're taking a Baja, California road trip or cruising through the L.A. Arts District, we want you to have coverage.


What are the auto insurance minimums in California?

The great state of California requires drivers to carry minimum auto insurance coverage. California drivers must have:

  • Liability insurance: $15,000 for injury for one person / $30,000 for injury for more than one person
  • Property damage: $5,000
  • Uninsured motorist property damage: $3,500.

You must have liability insurance in California; otherwise, you risk getting a ticket. If you still have questions, speak to an insurance agent to help you find a policy that meets the state requirements and fits your needs.

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Why is my auto insurance in California so high?

Why do car insurance rates keep going up in California? My car is depreciating, why is my insurance not going down? If you live in California, we're not surprised to hear you asking these questions. California averages about $1750 for car insurance. That puts California in the top ten most expensive states to get car insurance. Here are a few of the factors that cause higher car insurance rates in California:

  • Increased accidents
  • Expensive car repairs
  • More insurance claims
  • Distracted drivers

If you're shopping for auto insurance or if it's time for your annual policy review, talk to an insurance agent compare quotes or bundle your policies to help you save.

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What is the cheapest/most affordable car insurance in California?

Finding the most affordable (you may prefer saying cheapest) car insurance in California can be difficult. We get it, spending yourself into a corner and regretting living in California because of expensive car insurance can ruin the whole Cali spirit, can't it?

Luckily, we're here! As CA natives, we know the state's insurance rates like the back of our hand. Just ask us to compare auto insurance quotes to help you find affordable (aka cheapest) car insurance in California.

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