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What is earthquake insurance?

Earthquake insurance is a type of property insurance that's often bundled with a homeowners insurance policy.

Much like flood insurance, earthquake insurance is not provided within renters and homeowners policies. This means it must be purchased in addition to any other property insurance if damages from earthquakes are to receive financial benefits.

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What does earthquake insurance cover?

Most earthquake insurance policies cover the following 3 main items:

  • Coverage of your home.
  • Coverage of your assets/items within the home.
  • Coverage of additional living expenses (ALE)

Note that earthquake policies do NOT cover damages related to fires or flooding resulting from earthquake damage, automobiles, pools, fences and jewelry.

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How much is earthquake insurance?

Like other insurance policies, there are several factors involved in determining how expensive or inexpensive the premiums might be. With earthquake insurance, one factor in particular has the largest impact on cost: location.

For example, certain "high risk" locations could cause the cost of earthquake insurance to climb to over $1 to $2 per $1,000 in coverage, sometimes surpassing the homeowners policy itself.

Other "low risk" locations, such as those in New Jersey, may be less than $1 to even $0.50 per $1,000 in coverage.

Ultimately, you'll need to speak with a licensed and experienced agent or broker in your area to determine what your particular earthquake insurance rates might look like.

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