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With all the talk of the “Big One” and major quake warnings every year, you’d think Californians would have cornered the market on earthquake insurance. Let’s face it; there’s nothing like the fear of losing your home and all your personal belongings in a few seconds. However, many California natives don’t have earthquake insurance.

Lucky for you, Kanopy Insurance knows where to get the best earthquake insurance from Sacramento to Coachella — just in time for the rainy season! We help you find budget-friendly (hopefully you exclaim cheapest!) earthquake insurance in California that matches your needs with the lowest rates available.


Is earthquake insurance worth it in California?

Homeowners insurance may be one of the top reasons California residents do not buy earthquake insurance. And it’s true; many Californians believe their homeowner's insurance will protect their home if an earthquake damages it. But, homeowners insurance policies do not cover you if an earthquake hits.

On the low end, you can find earthquake insurance for $800 a year, and on the high end, it can exceed $5,000. Ask yourself: how much are your home and personal belongings worth? Think about earthquake insurance like life insurance. We buy life insurance to protect our families from an unlikely event.

Talk to our insurance agents to compare quotes to help you find affordable earthquake insurance that suits your budget and home.

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What does earthquake insurance cover in California?

Most earthquake insurance policies in California will include the following:

  • Coverage of your home. It does not include landscaping, pools, or items separate from your home.
  • Coverage of your personal property within the home. It will cover $5,000 but can be increased to $200,000.
  • Coverage of additional living expenses (ALE). These costs start at $1,500 and can go up to $100,000.

Earthquake insurance in California does not cover fire, land (sinkholes, erosion, etc.), flooding, and damage to vehicles.

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How much is earthquake insurance in California?

For many Californians, the stress of buying earthquake insurance revolves around the high rates. Despite (reasonable) fears of the “Big one” striking, California residents don’t want to pay the $800 to $5,000 in annual premiums.

This may be news to you, but every year there are about 10,000 earthquakes in California. And while it may always be the land of expensive earthquake insurance deductibles, the scene isn’t too bleak. When you compare earthquake insurance rates from top companies in California, you’ll find a few of them to be affordable, right? With Kanopy Insurance agents, you’ll discover affordable gems. It can feel like winning the lottery.

We help tip the scales to give budget-conscious (we don't call anyone cheap!) California residents the best earthquake insurance for a safe future.

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Just got off of the phone with Adam, I just want to thank him again and Kanopy Insurance for saving me a bunch of money! I called expecting to pay a higher price up front for a new policy, but I definitely paid a lot less!

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