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Unfortunately, shopping for homeowners insurance is not near as fun as shopping for throw pillows (or a car, if you're just not into pillows). That's because whether you're a first time home buyer or looking to get cheaper rates on your current homeowners insurance policy, you'll need to deal with several calls, surveys and sales pitches if you plan on finding decent coverage and rates -- unless, of course, you'd rather have us do all that dirty work for you!

We help people like you get the most competitive quotes on home insurance from the best insurance companies in the industry...and fast.


What is homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance is one of the most common types of property insurance (along with renters insurance). Homeowners insurance policies typically protect three things for the policy holder:

  1. The house
  2. The items in the house
  3. The people in the house (part of optional liability coverage)

Like the liability coverage, supplemental insurance policies can be added to homeowners policies to protect against things left out of the standard coverage. This typically includes flood insurance and earthquake insurance.

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Why get homeowners insurance?

If you have tangible assets, you need the protection of a homeowners insurance policy. A well-written homeowners policy will pay to replace any of your personal property that is destroyed in a fire or other disaster. The policy will also be your first line of defense against a lawsuit from someone injured at your home.

The cost of this coverage is determined by many rating factors. The quality of the coverage, however, is determined by the quality of the insurer and whether the policy is written on a named perils or all-risk basis.

First-time home buyers may find that their mortgage lender requires homeowners insurance in order to complete the purchase of the home. In some cases, the purchase of flood or earthquake insurance may also be required.

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How to get home insurance

You can buy home insurance policies from any licensed insurance company offering the policy within your state. There are two routes you can take to research and purchase your home insurance policy:

  1. Contact multiple companies to compare policies and rates.
    This is the most time consuming way to obtain homeowners insurance since it requires multiple phone calls, surveys or questionnaires and policy reviews. If you've got the time and aren't too concerned about missing any holes within the coverage, this option may be for you.
  2. Have an insurance broker do the research and quote gathering for you. (recommended)
    Home insurance brokers can help shorten the research and quote comparison process by gathering your information only once, then comparing your information against their database of partners (the insurance companies) and their lowest rates. This allows them to generate quotes quickly and present you with the best options at the lowest rates.

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Justin has served as my agent for home and automobile insurance the last several years. Justin and his team were extremely fast in issuing me an extremely competitive and all-inclusive policy for the purchase of my home.

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