10 Best Motorcycle Rides in The U.S.

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Wind in your hair, better fuel efficiency, the joy of discovering little-known roads - reasons for taking a motorcycle ride can be plenty. They are even more fun with a bunch of fellow bikers. If you are an avid biker, the U.S. has plenty of breathtaking roads to keep you interested.

Before you take a motorcycle ride with fellow biker friends, you need to be prepared for the road and get revved up with the right motorcylce insurance to protect yourself and your bike. 


8 Tips for Riding in Motorcycle Groups

Riding is so much more than a form of transportation, it's a lifestyle. Before taking your hog out for a "ride or die" journey with your gang, read these these seven tips for riding in motorcycle groups. 

  1. Decide order: You need to pick a leader who will guide the way and a tail rider who will keep everybody in check. Both of them should be experienced motorcycle riders.
  2. Pack the essentials: When you're packing for a motorcycle trip, be sure to include these in your bag: your toolkit, water, cell phone and a charger, and sunscreen. 
  3. Decide formation: Typically, motorcycle groups ride in a staggered formation. However, a group might adopt a single-file formation on bad roads or during curves. Formations should be decided at the pre-ride meeting, and riding side-by-side should be avoided since it is dangerous. 
  4. Maintain distance: Maintain a safe distance from the biker in front of you. Typically, the bigger a bike is, the more distance it should maintain. It's biker etiquette. 
  5. Decide rest stops: When riding with a group, it is not always possible for everyone to keep up. A traffic signal or stubborn traffic might separate you from the crowd. It is vital that you do not panic in such situations. Instead, catch up with the group at the next designated rest stop, which should be decided at the pre-ride meeting.
  6. The one on the left goes first: If you are riding a route that has intersections, typically, your group should adopt a two-lane formation at traffic signals. The group leader should be on the extreme left in front, and the rider on the left gets to go first.
  7. Set the pace: If you are leading, make sure you ride at a speed at which the rest of the bikers are comfortable. As a leader, you should take everyone's skill-level and experience into account.
  8. Motorcycle insurance: While motorcycle insurance is required in most states, it also helps out your fellow bikers. If you're or another person is injured in a motorcylce accident, your motorcycle insurance coverage will take care of most of it if you have personal liability. Trust us, it's worth it.

10 Best Motorcycle Trips in the U.S.


1. Michigan - Tunnel of Trees Road

This is the M-119, which runs between Harbor Springs and Mackinac Island. The road is known for its sharp curves and a thick canopy of green. Spring is the best time to ride this route when you can see white trillium blooming in all its glory.


2. Ohio - Triple Nickel

The 62-mile Ohio Route 555 is nicknamed Triple Nickel for its rolling contours. The road takes through the countryside and four counties, which gives it a very rustic appeal. If you can, plan this route for the Father's Day weekend. That is when a hot-rod gathering passes through the road.


3. West Virginia and Virginia - Harrisonburg to Seneca Rocks

Snake your way through gorgeous mountain passes on this 65-mile road on U.S. Route 33. Fall is the best time to ride this route, as the valley comes alive with beautiful colors.


4. North Carolina - Cherohala Skyway

The 43-mile byway runs through Cherokee National Forest and has some sweeping curves to enthrall bikers. The road reaches a maximum elevation of 5,400 feet. When taking this road in winters, be extra cautious, since it can be particularly dangerous. In fact, if you are taking this motorcycle trip in winters, you would be well advised not to set out without a reliable motorcycle insurance.


5. Tennessee - Tail of the Dragon

One of the more challenging routes along U.S. Route 129, it has more than 300 curves. The road takes you through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Tree of Shame. The latter has motorcycle parts on it, hung by those who could not complete the route.


6. Arkansas - Arkansas Pig Trail

This is a 19-mile trail that runs between I-40 and AR-16 and passes through Ozark National Forest. You can even combine your bike ride with a short hike on this trip.


7. Texas - Twisted Sisters

Ranch Roads 337, 336 and 335 together make the Twisted Sisters. It is a 100-mile loop that takes you through hills, ranches, and valleys, rising and falling continuously along the way. Just like the Tail of Dragons, this route requires some riding experience.


8. Colorado - San Juan Skyway

This is a scenic 223-mile route that takes bikers through national parks, ski resorts, and Red Mountain Pass. Ride slow through The Million Dollar Highway section if you want to take in the scenic vistas. Also, make sure to stop at the peak of Red Mountain Pass and catch a glimpse of several ghost towns below.


9. Montana - Going to the Sun Road

This is 50 miles of paved heaven. Scenery changes from the picturesque Lake McDonald to the daunting Logan Pass and the majestic Jackson Glacier Overlook, as the road, passes through the Continental Divide. Make sure you check National Park Service for updates on the accessibility of the road.


10. Wyoming - Beartooth Pass

Beartooth Pass is a 47-mile long route that passes through Gallatin National Forests, Beartooth Pass peaks at 11,000 feet. This bike route has some breathtaking scenery on offer. However, you must check weather forecasts before embarking on this adventure. Given the significant elevation, blizzards can happen even during springtime.

Improve Your Ride with Motorcycle Insurance

When you are out driving on such beautiful roads, you want to drive stress-free. That's why motorcycle insurance is so important. An insurance cover protects you against costs incurred in case of accidents.

While you are on the road, you want to be as prepared as possible for every eventuality. In fact, some states, such as New Jersey and California, require you to have vehicle insurance before you can ride, legally. Thus, when you are searching for the next road trip to take, with your biker gang, make sure you spend some time looking for the right motorcycle insurance. Every responsible rider has one!

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