[Infographic] How to Pack for a Motorcycle Trip

by Kanopy Insurance


Finally! After hemming and hawing for years, you have decided to take the bull by the horns and go on that long-planned road trip. Well, congratulations are in order. And, you are going to do it in style, on an Indian Roadmaster motorcycle. With all the amenities that a mobile home on two wheels has, that's a smart move!

But, just a thought here. Now, that you have the route planned out, and since you could be riding a $30,000 bike, you might want to double check your motorcycle insurance coverage before heading out.

The whole purpose of riding a bike is independence and freedom from the demands of the world for a while. You want to feel that wind blowing through that mane of yours, and her arms about your waist. Because that's the way, it's supposed to be, right? Of course. But you also know that life loves to take you down all these unexpected twists and turns.

Before hit the road, check out our visual infographic below to help your get started packing.


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Before You Hop On Your Hog

Setting out on the open road with just you and your motorcycle is a major milestone. It's a great time to make your carpe diem life mantra a reality, meet new people, and finding yourself. It's also a fantastic way to see the world.

After all, no rider has ever looked back after their motorcycle road trip and wish they hadn't done it. Going on a motorcycle road trip is a lot of fun, but you're pretty much guaranteed to run into some trouble along the way. In an attempt to avoid the unexpected, check these off your list before you hit the road.

  • Plan Your Route.While the majority of us rely on Google Maps or GPS to get us places, when you're on a motorcycle, you want to get lost. So, if you're driving off the map, make sure to plan your route on a paper map.
  • Find Your Stops. Yep, we've all been there. It's a beautiful sunny day with perfect weather when all of a sudden it starts pouring. Be prepared in advanced by mapping out your pit stops along the way.
  • Bike check. Have you checked your brakes? Fuel? Oil levels? Tire pressure? Whether you're cruising over to San Diego for a quick lunch or traveling cross-country to see the great Redwoods, you'll want to complete a full inspection of your motorcycle.
  • Insurance coverage. If you hit a nasty pothole in the road and your tire blows, what does your motorcycle insurance policy cover? Do they pay for the towing? Motel? Replacement? Talk to your motorcycle insurance agent before challenging Mother Nature with your King of the Road mojo.

What to Pack for Your Motorcycle Road Trip

If packing for a motorcycle road trip all in just one bag sounds like an impossible feat of travel trickery, think again. Below we're breaking down exactly what you need for your motorcycle road trip. Is it just us or are you ready to start booking Airbnbs?

  • Cash.Take minimal money with you. You will need some for the establishments you find on the way that don't take credit cards, but otherwise, you should handle all transaction with cards.
  • mapping out our route on a paper map before a big trip, almost to the point where I anticipate it more than where I'm actually going. Two weeks traveling from Key West to Seattle? Just me and a paper map. Ten days winding through the West Coast? One. Paper. Map.
  • Phone charger.I'm the kind of person who brings five phone chargers for a two-day trip, because there's nothing wrong with having options. To help keep things tight and light, bring at least two phone chargers, including one that can be charged while riding.
  • Tool kit. Do you have tire-plug kits? Well, dash down to the store to pick up a few. Your tires will flatten most things in the road, but there is always a chance of hitting a long nail or two. For that, you may not have to call the towing company but instead, could repair the tire on the spot.
  • Ziplock bags. Did you remember the waterproof bags? You don't want all your stuff to get soaked in a sudden downpour. Ok, last thing here. Get your first aid kit in the garage. Open it up and check for what needs replacing.
  • Clothes. Last, but not least, don't forget your motorcycle riding gear including a padded jacket and pants, vest, bandana, a vented helmet, and riding boots. You do need to look the part while out on the road, you know. You will also want to bundles with weather-specific gear in case you hit rain or snow.
  • Camping gear. No bike trip is a real bike trip without at least one day roughing it under the stars. To make that work, you will need a tent and a sleeping bag. Since both are buried deep in the garage, start looking early.

Now, have one for the ages!

Preparing for a once-in-a-lifetime trip on a classic motorcycle with your life partner does two things at once:

  1. It tells you why you chose each other for that life-long journey.
  2. It is a great reminder for you to review all your policies to make sure that trip lasts as long as it is supposed to without any unforeseen hitches.
Where is your next road trip? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below. And remember, keep the rubber side down!

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