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Unfortunately, shopping for homeowners insurance is not nearly as fun as shopping for throw pillows (or a car, if you're just not into pillows). That's because whether you're a first time homebuyer or looking to get cheaper rates on your current homeowners insurance policy, you'll need to deal with several calls, surveys and sales pitches if you plan on finding decent coverage and rates — unless, of course, you'd rather have us do all that dirty work for you!
We help people like you get the most competitive quotes on home insurance from the best insurance companies in the industry...and fast.
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Did You Know?
“Most folks that shop for insurance have a hard time getting reliable, human and direct feedback. Kanopy Insurance was created to change that perception.”
“Kanopy Insurance communicates with you, the way you prefer to be reached. Whether that's text, email or calls — we're here to help you get the best coverage, and we'll reach you at your convenience.”
“Shopping for insurance should be like shopping with a trusted friend. That's what we're shooting for at Kanopy Insurance. We want you to enjoy our service that much. When you succeed, we succeed.”