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If you've ever shopped for term life insurance, you've likely discovered that getting the best rates can take weeks of online research, invasive online forms and dealing with sales calls. Not fun.

Fortunately, our partnerships with the nation's leading term life insurance companies allow us to simplify and fast-track this complicated process, sending you the most competitive quotes without all the hassle. Pretty sweet, eh?


What is term life insurance?

Term life insurance is a personal life insurance policy that pays out a specified financial sum (called the payout or benefit) in the event the policy holder dies within the policies finite time frame (called the term).

In other words, you pick a certain span of time for coverage (typically a term of 10, 20 or 30 years) along with the amount of monetary coverage you want (i.e. $250,000). If you should die within that period of time, your beneficiaries would receive that money as a hedge against financial hardships resulting from your death. You may also hear term life insurance referred to as "pure life insurance," due to it's simplicity.

Common features of term life insurance plans:

  • Finite coverage timeframe (10, 20 or 30 year terms)
  • Fixed premiums throughout the term
  • Fixed payout (death benefit) throughout the term


Whole vs. Term Life Insurance

When shopping for life insurance, most people end up comparing whole vs. term life insurance policies. Whole life insurance is the most common and simplest form of the four permanent life insurance types - whole, variable, universal and variable-universal.

Whole life insurance differs from term life in that it's a bit more complex and often more expensive, yet also offers more features that many people find attractive.

Differences of whole life insurance:

  • Higher premium prices
  • Provides coverage throughout the policy holder's life
  • Includes a tax-deferred investment feature (aka the cash value)
  • Earns annual dividends (on some plans, not all)

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